Ts & Cs

Add Value Bathrooms
ABN: 91 229 915 715

1. Service

 1.1.     Service by Add Value Bathrooms does not include repairs to any pre-existing damage to walls, floors, ceilings, foundations, main building structure, plumbing / drainage pipes or services, fixtures (including shower screen) or paint work (unless otherwise specified and accepted/agreed by written quotation upon request).
1.2.     Add Value Bathrooms is not responsible for the diagnosis, repair or alternation to any plumbing pipes (including water feeds, waste and drainage or any other plumbing / drainage services), taps or outlets (unless otherwise specified and accepted/agreed by written quotation upon request).
1.3.     An independent inspection from a certified / licenced Plumber or Builder may be required if advised prior to engaging the services of Add Value Bathrooms. Upon request, Add Value Bathrooms may arrange such services after the initial consult/quote/service. However, additional costs will be quoted/invoiced for these services/trades.
1.4.     Add Value Bathrooms will only provide services up to a value of $3,300 in Qld ($5,000 NSW) not including any work where an occupational licence is required.

2. Warranty

2.1.     Within the limitations specified under these terms and conditions Add Value Bathrooms warrants that their work will be fit for purpose and will be undertaken in accordance with all applicable consumer law, building law and legislative requirements.
2.2.     Add Value Bathrooms product warranty is in accordance with Australian Consumer law.
2.3.     The warranty will be void at the discretion of Add Value Bathrooms if:
(a)    movement (structural, foundational or any type of movement) causes loose or cracked tiles and/or grout, loose or ineffective substrate, loose or ineffective seals/silicon sealants, or has hindered/effected/damaged (in any way) any other services and/or products provided by Add Value Bathrooms regardless of whether it formed part of Add Value Bathrooms services/products or was original/pre-existing to the property/work site/location.
(b)    damages to tiles, grout, sealant, silicon seals, taps, drainage grates, fixtures (including shower screens) or any other product or service provided by Add Value Bathrooms are the result  from personal damage, ineffective replacement or additions, or  were not properly maintained;
(c)     the use of harsh chemical cleaners, abrasives or scrapers causes damage to or, alters the effectiveness of, seals/silicon sealant or any other service or product provided by Add Value Bathrooms.
(d)    the client, owner and/or property manager fails to follow any instructions or guidelines, either  written or  verbal, provided by Add Value Bathrooms.     
(e)    any additional work completed by any other person (including  the client or tradespersons) after the service of Add Value Bathrooms resulted in damage in any way.
(f)     any tile penetrations are serviced, altered or added to by anyone other  than  Add Value Bathrooms after the service of  Add Value Bathrooms.                                                                                                              
NOTE: Tile penetrations created by taps, fixtures, shower screens, rails etc will not be removed during service unless specified by written quotation/payment invoice. A silicon seal will be applied to these if deemed necessary at the discretion of Add Value Bathrooms.
(g)    the floor  waste drainage grate cannot be opened, inspected, or serviced for any reason.
NOTE: Some floor wastes are stuck, corroded, or are unable to be opened without force and/or damage to either the floor  waste grate itself or the surrounding/adjoining  flooring and/or tiles etc. If this cannot be inspected/serviced/sealed the warranty will be void at the discretion of Add Value Bathrooms.  
(h)    the client/owner/property manager has been advised in writing of any pre-existing movement or damage and has NOT chosen to rectify/repair/replace such but continue to proceed with scope of works/quote/invoiced services provided by Add Value Bathrooms, thus resulting in a deficient/temporary/reduced effective seal/silicon sealant or any other services and products provided by Add Value Bathrooms.

2.4.     If the silicon seal or sealant lifts, cracks, loses contact or has become ineffective during the warranty period, the owner must advise Add Value Bathrooms immediately for rectification to avoid unnecessary water, product, property and/or personal damage.
Likewise, Add Value Bathrooms must be notified if any other product or service becomes faulty as previously stated above. A service charge may be invoiced / payable if deemed fault was the result of misuse, personal / property damage, or any other factors that may void the service and/or warranty as previously stated above.
2.5.     A service fee may apply to rectify seal and/or silicon sealant, or any other product or service provided by Add Value Bathrooms if damage was not the cause of a faulty product or faulty application or installation. This is at the discretion of Add Value Bathrooms.

3. The Client acknowledges that:

3.1.     Any colour variations to existing tiles or grout (or any taps, fixtures, shower screens, drainage grates, products etc.) arising from use of cleaning products during the service or scheduled works is acceptable. 
3.2.     Any colour variations to new and completed work during the service or scheduled works are acceptable. 
3.3.     A new to old look is acceptable even if the identical product has been installed / applied during the service or scheduled works.
3.4.  If the grout colour cannot be matched with a manufacturers range, a ‘hand mix’ colour match will be considered acceptable.

5.Existing, Unseen or Resulting Damage

5.1.     Any area that is affected in any way by unforeseen circumstances, Add Value Bathrooms will not be liable for any damages or responsible for any repair work. 
5.2.     Any repair work resulting from unforeseen circumstances will be at the owner’s expense.

6. Termination and Suspension of Work

6.1.     If a party is in breach of the terms of service then the other may give notice to remedy.
6.2.     If the breach is not rectified then the party giving notice may terminate by providing further notice.  
6.3.     Payment for work done up until termination is due and payable upon production of invoice.

7. Completion Timeframes
SHOWER SEALS can be completed within a few hours or days (if required); however, this will also require additional time for drying (generally 48 hours). NOTE: Additional time may be required according to site conditions including dampness and surface preparations, scope of works, variations and unforeseen circumstances. RENOVATIONS/REJUIVENATIONS will be considered individually based upon scope of works and site conditions (as per above), and completion timeframes would need to be requested prior to work commencement and stated in written confirmed agreement and/or contract. CLIENT/OWNER/PROPERTY MANAGER is to make other arrangements (AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE) for showering / toilet etc. while the service/scope of works is been carried out/completed by Add Value Bathrooms.
8. Payment Conditions

8.1.     Any additional cleaning work required by Add Value Bathrooms from the quote to the day of commencement / service / installation may incur additional fees.     This may form a variation/additional work as per (4) above.
8.2.      ”TRADING TERMS: payment is now due.”                                                                                                         

Payment should be made immediately once invoice is produced.