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Add Value Bathrooms is the shower repair and small job specialist!

Add Value Bathrooms is passionate about its work and strives to deliver a professional standard of service and quality to ensure our customers are happy with the result and experience from start to finish.

Add Value Bathrooms provides a range of services:

Shower Seal Specialist

Leaking Shower?

Shower and bath leaks left untreated will cause structural damage and major problems to your home or asset resulting costly repairs which could have been avoided if fixed early.

Signs of a leaking shower or bath include :

  • Water damage to adjacent walls and ceilings,
  • Plasterboard/surface coatings revealing, dampness, mould, mildew,
  • Discolouration
  • Bad odour
  • Soggy / sagging surfaces
  • Flaking / crumbling paint.
    The list goes on.

Likewise floor coverings that are water damaged show signs such as:

  • Water stains
  • Damp carpets
  • Rotting floorboards/ skirting boards / door frames.
  • An increased activity of cockroaches and silverfish is evident.

Likewise there may be an adjacent wardrobe with mould production affecting the area including your clothes.

Beneath the surface there may be structural timber rotting or swelling and buckling. 

Concrete surfaces may be reacting with permanent moisture and rusting the steel reinforcements resulting
in structural defects.

Termites and ants seek out and are attracted to dampness and water soaked timbers.

Shower seals and repairs require an eye for detail and experience in problem solving as there are so many possibilities as to where and how the shower has leaked. We will do a thorough check within your shower or bath looking for possible water ingress areas during our service, and likewise conduct a free moisture test if required

Each bathroom leak is diagnosed individually and therefore the best resolve to repair / reseal is provided accordingly

Most shower leaks are due to tile and / or grout defects plus an ineffective under tile waterproofing membrane (if any) allowing water to penetrate through to the substrate surface below and the surrounding areas

The method of repair and sealant / membrane / products required to treat the problem are suggested, quoted and applied on a case by case basis.

Add Value Bathrooms only installs and uses quality products that have been tested and approved to be suitable for its purpose.  All products meet the Australian Standard and are supplied both Nationally and Overseas.

Product warranties will be in accordance to Australian Consumer Law and the manufactures product instructions.

Refer to Terms and Conditions of Service for further details.

We’ll beat any genuine written quote! We’re committed to best price and value service, so if you find a better competitors price on same service, we’ll beat it – GUARANTEED

Shower Seal Pricing


Prices based on tile sizes 200 x 200 upwards. Shower size 900 x 900

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Add Value Bathrooms can rejuvenate your existing bathroom or laundry for a fraction of the cost of a full renovation, leaving you with a room to be proud of once again.

Add Value To Your Property

Presale maintenance and makeovers are a way we recommend our clients to enhance and add value in equity and to the potential of their property sale. With over 20 years experience in the renovation trade, we know how to capitalise on your sale and work with both the client and Real Estate Agents to help maximise your profits.

Resealing a leaking shower or bath will assist in protecting the value of your home / asset and minimise the risk of equity lose and a potential sale falling over due to faults at inspections. Buyers are easily turned off by the damage a leaking shower can do and the risk of repairs and associated costs.

Termites are attracted to moisture,  likewise wet rot in timber can result in major structural damages, so fix the problem now before it cost you $$$$$.

Add Value Bathrooms understands the importance of a functional bathroom and laundry when it comes to personal design and preference, we also know the benefit of having a renovated or rejuvenated bathroom and laundry so that we can add value to your asset in equity and potential profit.


Why Add Value Bathrooms?

Add Value Bathrooms will come to you free of charge to quote and give a written scope of works together with the price upon request.

Add Value Bathrooms is a family owned business based on the Southern Gold Coast, so you don’t pay franchise fees and other associated costs for our services. We have over 20 years experience working in the construction industry with a focus in residential renovations and property maintenance.

On the Gold Coast / Tweed we have been resourcing supplies from business contacts such as National Tiles, Beaumont Tiles, Reece Plumbing, Tradelink, BBK Plumbing, Highgrove Bathrooms, Bunnings and more...